US beauty giant 100% Pure integrates full Findify suite for Shopify Plus

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A top US brand taking the world by storm, 100% Pure is not your average beauty and cosmetics merchant. 

The enterprise-level retailer continues to stand behind the ethos it was founded with – a commitment to producing the purest, healthiest products and educating everyone as to why. 

“We strive to live with compassion, kindness and empathy; to be environmentally sustainable and to improve the lives of 6 billion people and animals while also being charitable and giving back to our global community,” explained a 100% Pure spokesperson. 

The brand features products free from harsh ingredients, free from FD&C colorants, free from heavy metal dyes, and free from animal cruelty. 

Findify is now complementing 100% Pure’s top quality service with the addition of its full site search, personalization, and merchandising suite. 

All Findify solutions are now running on 100% Pure’s online site, which runs on the Shopify Plus platform, improving the purchase journey by helping shoppers find their preferred items quicker and easier. 

How does Site Search and Personalization software improve the ecommerce experience? 

With the Personalized Search ecommerce tool, there are two aspects – search accuracy, and personalization. 

Accuracy is about precision and recall – making the search as smart as possible so that it can return relevant results to the shopper putting in the query. This includes an autocomplete, predicting what they will type as they’re typing, meaning fewer keystrokes for the user. 

Findify’s fast and reliable autocomplete solution in operation on 100% Pure’s Shopify Plus-powered store.  

Other aspects include Natural Language Processing – the search being able to tell the difference between products and attributes.

An effective search should also include spelling tolerance, ensuring shoppers get relevant results even if they make a typo, and a zero results workaround – ensuring relevant products come up even if the exact query searched for is not present. 

Personalization, then, is all about the AI algorithm which analyzes the behaviour of the shopper and learns, in real time, what their preferences are – search results are ranked in order of preference. So, if the algorithm learns the shopper frequently needs led lights, or has a preference for a certain colour, this is what they will see more of. 

Findify’s Smart Collections solution, meanwhile, includes personalized product ranking, dynamic filters, and the ability to create merchandising rules. 

It is possible to customize almost every aspect of the solution: product card look and layout, information contained on product card, layout of the filters, the filtering options and colour swatches, and much more. 

It is also possible to integrate with other complementing solutions here (and, indeed, across all three Findify solutions) such as currency converters and wishlist apps – while at the same time keeping the solution running at a lightning fast pace. 

Custom filtering options running on 100% Pure’s online store as part of the Findify Smart Collections solution. Of particular note – review stars (from Findify partner Stamped) and color swatches both appearing directly on the product cards. 

Findify CEO praises 100% Pure and background of sustainability 

CEO of Findify, Philip Nobel, welcomed 100% Pure to the Findify enterprise client family, and commented how great it was to work with another forward-thinking, planet-conscious, enterprise-level merchant. 

“100% Pure is a truly fantastic global brand. We are delighted to have them with us. Their ethos of sustainability and ecoconsciousness is extremely admirable and goes hand-in-hand with our own viewpoints,” he said. 

“We look forward to working with 100% Pure long into the future to help them achieve their goals and bring them continuous Return on Investment.” 

For more information on Findify’s powerful ecommerce tool, which includes personalization software and solutions such as Personalized Search, Smart Collections, and Recommendations, book a demo here. To read more about Findify and Shopify, click here.

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