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A leading provider of AI-driven ecommerce search and personalization solutions, Findify has been the number one choice for hundreds of merchants looking to maximize revenue, boost conversion, and streamline internal merchandising processes. 

Norce merchants can benefit even further, thanks to the strong partnership that has developed between Findify and Norce, with shorter integration times and increased support once live.

Enterprise-grade Search
Offering the most advanced midmarket solution, Findify is enterprise-grade site search made easy. An intuitive and fully customizable solution, Findify’s search is infused with a unique AI algorithm as well as top functionalities such as NLP, synonym control, a foolproof zero results, and much more. Merchants can also benefit from our Product Push API which allows for automatic data syncs in real time.
Easy Control
At Findify, we believe in the ethos of ‘full merchant control’. While merchants can choose to let our personalization algorithm do all the heavy lifting, they can also completely and easily tailor the customer experience, should they wish to.  We recognise that sometimes, for tactical reasons, a merchant might not necessarily want to optimize for conversion. As such, we’ve built our solutions with this in mind.  For example, merchants can easily highlight high margin products, pin brand collaborations, boost/bury products with high/low stock levels or set action on any data in the database – using our robust merchandising suite and easy-to-create merchandising rules.
We Fit With You
At Findify, we recognize each merchant has their own unique style, feel, and brand guidelines. This is why we have created features that are fully customizable. The merchant retains full control over how the capability is presented on site and can choose to use default, out of the box versions, or to fully tailor the colors, fonts, number of products shown… and every other front end aspect.
Norce: A strategic ecommerce partner, passionate about merchant success
Norce is a Nordic leader in software-as-a-service (SaaS) commerce. We provide retailers, brands and B2B customers with powerful tools for growth. Through a composable architecture, an open platform (API-first) and cloud-based offering (True SaaS), we let solution partners and e-tailors create tomorrow’s customer journeys. Together, we accelerate the transformation of digital commerce.
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Johnells gets awarded the Fastest Ecommerce Site in Sweden title

Johnells, one of Sweden’s oldest and best established multi-chain brands, is a popular ecommerce site which runs on Norce.

Following the creation of a new site and the implementation of Findify Search & Personalization,

Johnell’s experienced a 100% increase in conversion and was also crowned the fastest ecommerce website in Sweden.

In the words of Johnells’ CTO Jonas Thorstensson: “You can’t argue with those results.”

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