Advanced AI

Our best-in-class machine learning algorithm
learns your shoppers preferences
in real-time
88% of customers
expect a personalized shopping experience
– Don’t fall short with a static product display

So, what is Real-time

Individual Relevance to Maximize Conversion

Each and every shopper is an entirely unique person with their own wants and desires. Two shoppers of exactly the same age, gender, and background can have wildly different tastes. This is why static product lists don’t convert as well as dynamic lists – because they are not tailored to the individual. 

When you integrate with Findify, you integrate with our powerful personalization algorithm which learns, in real time, the preferences of each and every shopper based on their site behavior. Our solution then intelligently decides which products to show first to which shopper in order to maximize conversion rates. 

Depending on your previous solution, this can increase your store’s revenue by up to 30%.

Trend Scoring

Thanks to our use of trend scoring, also known as aggregated ranking, shoppers will see dynamic search results from their very first session. While the personalization algorithm starts learning about the shopper immediately, based on their on site behavior, trend scoring is already in effect even before the algorithm has really gotten to know the shopper. 


Trend scoring also helps you make the most out of seasonal effects. With trend scoring, the software already knows that if everyone has started to buy winter jackets then now is the time to start showing more of these on site, and to demote light, summer jackets to further down the rankings.

Cold Storage Training

In order to really increase the speed with which personalization starts to have an effect on your store, we use a cold storage training method. This involves continually training our personalization algorithms on huge sets of anonymized data – ensuring our then pre-trained algorithm can impact your store in a positive way as soon as it possibly can.


Full Merchant Control

Part of the beauty of personalization lies in the fact that it is a fully automated service. Once a personalization algorithm is integrated, no further actions are required. At Findify, however, we believe in the ethos of ‘full merchant control’. 

If, for tactical reasons, a merchant doesn’t want to optimize for conversion, they can opt to boost certain products . setting them to appear at the top of search results, in a certain position within a collection, or within a set group of recommendations. They can do this with ease using our merchandising suite. 

Real-time Personalized Site Search

Our search capability is personalized in real time, delivering a unique set of search results to each shopper. The advanced search algorithm identifies the most relevant products, while t​he powerful AI algorithm constantly reranks products based on how the shopper behaves to deliver a continuously developing tailored experience – just like a best-in-class sales assistant.

Real-time Personalized Recommendations

Our Recommendations help your customers to discover new products – ones that are catered specifically to their taste. We offer full flexibility in placement, with a wide set of models to cater for various business needs – from upselling to cross selling. Both fully automatic and granular control options are available. .

Real-time Personalized Smart Collections

Our Smart Collections solution brings personalization and merchandising to customers browsing category pages, ensuring the experience is as relevant as the search results.​With no limit to the number of Smart Collections you can create, optimal usage is determined only by your creativity and desired strategy.

Make the most out of your Search and Merchandising!

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