Strategic messaging
with Promo Card

Our Promo Cards capability enables you
to feature whatever you desire
directly within the product grid


Capture shoppers at the right moment

Promoting content directly within your product listings is a surefire way to boost brand engagement and increase your sales. This enables you to connect with your shoppers where it really matters – in the purchase cycle’s moment of truth.


So, what can you do with
Promo Card Campaigns?

Leverage Social Nudging

Most of the world’s leading e-retailers have realised that social nudging – the psychological and social phenomenon wherein people copy the actions and behaviours of others – can be used in terms of user generated content like ratings and reviews. 

​Now Findify brings the ability to easily display this in the grid. By highlighting socially popular content within product collection pages using our new Promo Card Campaigns feature, merchants can significantly increase shopper trust and confidence with a view to driving upsells and inspirational purchases.

Hype Your Latest Line

You’ve added a new range, and you want to spread the word. Creating a Promo Card Campaign will help you achieve this.

​When you want to promote a new collection widely across your site you can use our new Promo Card Campaigns feature that enables setting your newest line in an area you already know is popular with the right shoppers.

Promote ‘How To’ & Buyers Guides

There are typically a lot of purchase barriers associated with longer cycle products (electronics, large furniture, etc.). They are often more expensive and are intended to be used for longer periods. Specifications can also differ greatly and merchants typically create in-depth guides to help a shopper.

​Usually it is hard to find an appropriate outlet to promote guides, but using Promo Card Campaigns you can easily create a card that showcases your guide within a product grid page and stands out.


Increase Return Visits

Yes, immediate sales are important. But return sales are also important. Merchants are, of course, constantly trying to find ways to promote brand loyalty and give shoppers a reason to come back.

The Promo Card Campaigns feature can help with this. All you have to do is create a card to promote an upcoming event – perhaps you have an online tutorial event coming up, or a flash sale, or an in-store party.

Enrich Customer Experience

Promo Cards can, of course, feature more than just products – they are also effective vehicles for promoting store campaigns, unique selling points, business values, or customer information.

When you want a wide focus and to set up a campaign that is NOT tied to a specific product you can use our new Promo Card Campaigns feature to create a promo card and set it to appear in the desired collections.

Make the Most out of your Moment of Truth!

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