engagement with
Instagram content

Promote your rich Instagram content to
shoppers directly within both the
autocomplete and search results listings.

​​​Promote your Instagram content
to engage customers

Now you can promote your rich content to shoppers directly within both the autocomplete and search results listings. This serves to strengthen the shopper journey, reinforce purchase decisions, and enhance customer experience.

Instagram Search Features

So, what can you do with
Instagram search?

Utilise your inspiration online

Our Instagram Content Search feature is an innovative way of connecting shoppers with your store’s product-inspiring Instagram posts. This method brings your shoppers closer to the products they are most interested in, and enables you to make the most of your rich content library. Shoppers can view and interact with your store’s Instagram content in both autocomplete and search results.  

Integrate with ease

Integrating our Instagram Content Search is easy, thanks to our pre-built connector. This essentially means our developers have done the hard work so you don’t have to! Using this connector, our Instagram Content Search will be up and running on your website with only a few simple clicks in our dashboard.

Flexibility in showing results

At Findify, we recognize each merchant has their own unique style, feel, and brand guidelines. This is why we have created features that are fully customizable. This does, of course, include our Instagram Content Search. The merchant retains full control over how the capability is presented on site – to use the default version, or to fully tailor colors, fonts… and every other front end aspect.

Powerful addition to your Content Search

Instagram Content Search forms part of the overall Content Search suite. While this feature focuses on Instagram, other parts of the suite enable merchants to feature almost any content they want in autocomplete and search results. This includes blog posts, collection and category pages, how to guides, buyers guides, and various forms of user-generated content such as shopper reviews, ratings, and images.

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