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Actionable tools
Findify analytics allows you to monitor the evolution of your customers’ search behavior to anticipate their needs and intentions. It gives you a deeper understanding of your customer’s search behavior, helps you prioritize your business needs as necessary and customize the look and feel of your search results to seamlessly match your site.
Visual Merchandising

Our Visual Merchandising suite complements the powerful workings of Artificial Intelligence by taking your desired merchandising strategies and tactics and fusing them with the personalization algorithm. You can easily highlight high margin products or pin brand collaborations, for example, or even boost/bury products with high/low stock levels. With this suite, you can easily create rules to tailor the experience to your specific needs. You have full control over 1, 2, or 500 products at a time.

Merchandising Suite

The Merchandising suite enables control for wide reach. A single rule can be applied for one collection… 50 collections… or even all collections at once, complementing the optimization for conversion with additional dimensions. Merchants can choose to set up ‘boost’ or ‘bury’ rules based on any property in the database, whether that be products of a high/low quantity, specific brands, individual tags, margin levels, or another chosen field.

Behavioral Analytics

In order to have a deep understanding of how customers are interacting with your store, you need to analyze a large amount of data taken over a relatively long period of time. With Findify analytics, this analysis becomes incredibly easy. It will help you quickly and easily visualize trends and patterns, with which you can adapt and optimize your offering for your customers. You can see what your shoppers search for, how that changes over time, and come up with new strategies to optimize conversion. 

Shopper Insights

Actionable shopper insights are a must for strategy-orientated merchants. This functionality gives merchants a data-driven understanding of what further actions they should take. Let’s take zero results as an example. A zero results occurs when a shopper conducts a site search for a product you don’t have in store. With insights, you can identify these terms and either get the product (if a lot of people are searching for it) or set up a redirect to a similar items they might want to purchase instead.

Language Сontrol

Linguistic tools allow you to control the customer experience even further. With the synonym capabilities, for example, you can customize your search to return results for product X, even if query Y was submitted in the search box. So if your customer searches for “cell phone”, they will find products even if they are labeled as “mobile phone” in your product database. The machine learning will, over time, suggest additional synonyms based on your shoppers behavior. You can also link terms to cater for zero results with products that are relevant but not linguistically connected.

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