Our customers love us


I switched over to Findify about a year ago from another search provider, and I never looked back. The Findify platform capabilities, combined with the team’s responsiveness is proof I made the right decision.

– Asi Erenberg CEO corporategift.com

Findify has helped us increase our conversion through the most important tool on our site. With over 6000 SKU’s our customers demand a smart search to find what they’re looking for fast & easy. Findify gives our customers just that.

– Karl Nielsen CMO animail.se

Findify’s intelligent search, driven by machine learning, is exceptionally accurate and has proven it self in conversion rate increase. The team has also provided exceptional support.

– Sean Geng CEO smokecartel.com

Our Solutions


Continuously improving search results based on user trends to rank the products most likely to convert, first.


Helping customers discover new products – Crosssell and upsell products to increase AOV.


Powerful analytics that give you deep insights and powerful tools that let you keep control.

Why Findify


Harness the power of machine learning

With Findify’s machine learning algorithms, your Search & Recommendations are continuously improving based on your unique customer behavior. Products that are most likely to sell are pushed to the top, thus increasing the chances to make the sale.


All your discovery solutions in a single platform

Add the power of our Search, Recommendations, Analytics & Merchandising Tools all at once, in a single integration.


With a super simple integration, you’ll be up & running in no time

To add our powerful search to your site, we have three simple integrations methods. Whether you’re using our robust and clean API, pasting our javascript code snippet into your page, or using one of our pre-made modules, all of our integrations methods are dead-simple.


Competitive tiered pricing – No business risk, no long-term contracts

Competitive pricing with no upfront fees, and no more spending tens of thousands on a lengthy integration. You can get started quickly and with no long term contracts, it means the day we stop delivering value, is the day you stop using Findify.



With mobile shopping trends on the rise, we understand the value of optimizing your search for small screens. Findify Search is optimized for the on-the-go shopper so they can find what they’re looking for, no matter how small the screen.


Supporting multiple languages, out-of-the-box

Our Search & Recommendations are available in tons of languages including English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Hebrew, and more! We’re constantly expanding, so get in touch to request a new language, it doesn’t take long to translate!