​​Promote your content to engage

Now you can promote your rich content to shoppers directly within both the autocomplete and search results listings. This serves to strengthen the shopper journey, reinforce purchase decisions, and enhance customer experience.

So, what can you do with
Content Search?

Inspire with Real Life Images

Use our Content Search feature to harness the power of social nudging through user-generated content and brand photos.

You can curate a content search option that populates based on your Instagram feed or blog posts. This achieves increasing shopper trust and confidence with a view to driving sales but tailored to the type of content you most prefer to create.

Direct Shoppers to Collection and Category Pages

You can use our Content Search feature to attract more shoppers to your newly produced collection pages. You can also showcase both categories and brands.
Whenever a shopper types into the search bar, or whenever they hit enter on a full search, you can provide relevant suggestions in autocomplete and on the results page using content search feature.

Freshen up your Product Listings

For certain merchants, especially those operating in a specific niche, the product listings do not drastically change from one week to the next.
By using our new Content Search feature that links your new content to product search queries you can keep your site appearing fresh and ensure returning shoppers get a sense of activity, movement, and inspiration.

Inspire Product Usage
Show your customers all the various ways in which they can use your amazing products. For example, if your business is in Food and Beverage industry, you could create some content around recipes and focus on what can be made with all the different ingredients your store sells – blogs posts on how to create the perfect cheesecake, Instagram posts featuring the process, the ingredients, the finished product, and perhaps people enjoying eating it afterwards.

Promote ‘How To’ & Buyers Guides

There are typically a lot of purchase barriers associated with longer cycle products (electronics, large furniture, etc.). They are often more expensive and are intended to be used for longer periods. Specifications can also differ greatly and merchants typically create in-depth guides to help a shopper.
With our new Content Search feature, you can quickly and easily curate a feed that showcases your guides to the shopper.

Search Anything using the Custom API
Every businesses need is unique so in order to fully curate the experience, Findify is offering full control of what to showcase through the Content API.

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