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Real-time Personalized Site Search

Our powerful and intuitive Site Search solution is personalized in real time – delivering a unique set of search results to each of your customers based on their on-site behavior. The advanced settings make it easy to tailor for any data structure, while language capabilities increase matches. The AI is constantly learning about each shopper, meaning the results continuously improve, providing a tailor-made shopping experience where the products most likely to convert are boosted to the top.

Real-time Product Data Sync

Findify’s Active Sync infrastructure ensures all product data remains constantly up-to-date. Any change made, including product information such as updates to prices and stock levels, as well as all metafields, tags etc., will rapidly be pushed live. Merchants on Shopify can benefit from Active Sync via a pre-built Shopify webhooks connector. Other platform connectors are in development, but can already today also benefit from Active Sync via Findify’s Product Push API.

Enterprise Infrastructure

At Findify, we pride ourselves on offering the very best enterprise-grade infrastructure to our clients. A large part of this involves running each and every client in an exclusive environment. With this set-up, no merchant is ever affected by other merchants’ operations. In addition, Findify has created a proprietary search wrapper. This allows us full control in further feature development and avoids reliability and performance issues that come in scaling e.g. Elasticsearch for multiple clients. Furthermore, we offer 24/7 customer support, and also employ individual autoscaling. Because we are 100% cloud-based, we can instantly scale if there is a large influx of visitors to a website.

Advanced Language Control

Findify’s advanced settings means it is possible to search based on any part of the database and with any weight source. The dashboard tools, such as synonym control, makes sure your customers don’t have to use exactly the same terms you’ve used in your product database to find what they’re looking for.


Natural Language Processing (NLP) & Variant Search

Each word in a search sentence has a specific meaning and should hence be processed as such. At Findify, our powerful software is able to deconstruct the sentence in order to understand which part of the search time equals the actual product and which part describes attributes of the product. If searching for “white dress”, for example, the shopper expects to view the matching variant “white” – even if the base variant is “black”. Findify’s variant search matches this automatically.

Dynamic Filtering

Enable your customers to fine tune their search results to meet their personal preferences. Relevant and automated filters help them find what they’re looking for, whether it’s based on price, size, colors, or custom fields. Intuitive breadcrumb navigation allows them to stay oriented as they get deeper into their filtering selections.

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