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of the Findify experience

Findify’s technology has been designed to be platform agnostic. As such, we have clients across the majority of platforms and custom solutions, with many of our merchants using Shopify, Jetshop, BigCommerce, Centra, and Maropost Commerce Cloud. You can learn more about our fit with the leading platforms on the respective pages. 

Independent research studies have shown that when a shopper conducts a site search, 70% of the resulting clicks happen on the first 8 results. This means that it is crucial for merchants to first show the search results that are most likely to lead to a sale. 
Most stores offering more than 50 or 100 products, can greatly benefit from Findify solutions, which will help you to dynamically personalize the order in which products are shown to each individual shopper to maximise conversion rates.  

Absolutely. Built-in search capabilities are created by platforms and providers as basic, one-size-fits-all tools. While providing a decent jumping off point, these lack advanced capabilities (dynamic listings, for example) which, when implemented, significantly impact conversion. 
Findify’s solution is not only more sophisticated than other built-in search capabilities, but is also AI-driven – meaning our algorithm is continuously learning shopper behaviour from more than 2,000 of our merchants’ stores. 
Merchants who have switched from a basic solution to Findify have typically seen +15% increased conversation from personalized search capabilities, with additional benefits from the optimized front-end experience. To read our case studies, go 

For major platforms, such as Shopify, Jetshop, BigCommerce, and Maropost Commerce Cloud, we have prebuilt integrations which minimize integration time. But for any platform, you can easily install Findify following three simple steps:
1. Retrieve your product data (via existing integrations, our APIs, or a custom feed in csv, xlm, or JSON).  
2. Add our analytics scripts to your site.  
3. Install our pre-built React library or built custom assets using our APIs (the library can then, of course, be customized by our dedicated Integration Team, utilizing best practice modules or fully tailored designs).

This depends entirely on you! Our solution is designed to self-run, which means you only have to install Findify and then sit back and enjoy the uptick in your conversion rate. At the same time, we also enable merchants to have total control over the solution so they are able to tailor it, quite specifically, to their individual needs – such as pushing items low in stock, brand collaborations or high margins. You have the ability, for example, to pin, bury, include or exclude specific products, or you can set default merchandising rules for broader impacts.

As soon as your integration is complete, you (and your shoppers) will see an improvement in search functionality on site. You can expect to start seeing improved conversion immediately! Depending on which solutions you have chosen to enable, you will also see an immediate improvement in the autocomplete results, search results, category navigation, and product recommendations. 
As for smart ranking, our powerful personalization algorithm will start collecting anonymised aggregate data. Over the course of the two weeks following installation you will see increasing results as the AI learns your users’ behaviours. 

Don’t worry, there will be no impact on your store during the integration phase. The integration, including any desired customizations to our solutions, are always realized first in a dev environment and only go live once they are shopper-ready. This ensures a smooth transition to our solutions for both your team and your shoppers. 

The question is, can you afford to not have it. Our solutions actually make money for the merchant – far more money than they cost: on average, merchants have experienced 22x Return on Investment when implementing Findify
We offer three transparent pricing plans: Premium, Professional, and Enterprise. Two main aspects will determine which plan is best for you: how many shoppers visit your online store, and which solutions you want to implement. Our pricing plans are detailed here
These plans have been created to serve merchants as they scale their business – meaning efficient infrastructure and operations at every stage. Choosing Findify means not only choosing a solution with a simple and cost-effective integration process, but also one that can grow with your business (thereby eliminating the costs associated with switching solutions down the line).  

While there are other search and merchandising providers out there, we are the only ones (that we know of) offering a robust range of products powered by such an impactful personalization algorithm. Clients tell us our dashboard is the easiest to use.
A lot of providers have, in recent years, started promoting ‘site search optimization’ products, offering either upgrades in technical search (without personalization) or search upgrades with only very basic personalization. While these solutions can increase conversion, their results simply can’t compete with the kind of revenues Findify can help you generate with our powerful, self-learning artificial intelligence algorithm which has been continuously developed by our dedicated machine-learning specialists. 
In addition, we set ourselves apart from the competition by providing transparent, no-surprises pricing, simple integration via a quick-to-install module-based approach, 
the fastest sync on the market, and the friendliest customer service around! Clients give us 4.7 out of 5 stars on Shopify

If for any reason you decide to stop using Findify, our subscriptions can be cancelled with 60 days notice. 

Today! Any time you are ready to increase your conversion rate is a good time to integrate with our solutions.

This is a common question, and one you are right to ask whenever adding any layers to your store. While other providers have chosen a ‘good enough’ ethos in this area, we at Findify have put a lot of time and effort into optimizing the speed of our solutions. So, while each third party app you add to your store increases the calculation time, our APIs, prebuilt React library, and sync times are the fastest in the market. This means your shoppers will not notice any difference in the speed of your store before and after the installation of Findify. 
If you would like to experience how fast a store with Findify can be, visit 
Johnells.se – our client whose site was recently crowned ‘Fastest Ecommerce Site in Sweden’. 

With Findify, you don’t have to worry about that. 
While a number of our competitors have experienced downtime, even during very important sales periods, at Findify we put every new client in their own environment so that no individual issue can ever affect another store or client. This is different to the common practice in this space, by which most of our competitors place all their merchants in the same environment, which means that when one store experiences problems, they all experience problems. 
Additionally, we do continue to implement additional measures during busy sales periods such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas – just in case. Our usual practice around this time is to scale up our servers, implement a code freeze, and increase our engineering and customer support hours. 

Absolutely not! We pride ourselves on offering a product that is highly intelligent and self-running but also offers the capability for full merchant control, if desired. If you want to continue setting your own merchandising just like before, you can continue to do so.  

Yes! Findify is compatible with a wide variety of industry leading third-party suppliers such as Yotpo, Stamped, Reviews.io, Swym, and many more. To check compatibility with a specific third-party supplier, please contact our team on YourFriends@Findify.io

We have dedicated engineering and customer support teams ready to assist you with any post-integration query you might have. All our pricing plans include self-service and email support, technical onboarding, API status updates, documentation, and a community forum. Merchants who opt for Smart Collections can avail of technical support in order to set these up, while our Enterprise Plan merchants can avail of priority support and a dedicated account manager. All clients will also receive regular (but not too regular!) emails from us about new features we are releasing. 
Any and all support queries can be directed to