UK hair and beauty store Nandi Nicole installs Findify on WooCommerce

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A beauty brand based in the UK, Nandi Nicole specialises in high quality skincare and haircare products, with a particular focus on caring for black skin and hair.

Ashley Broderick, founder of Nandi Nicole, created the brand following her own struggles to find the right products for her. 

“I’ve always had really complex, sensitive skin. Dry skin, lots of acne, hyperpigmentation, oily skin… Spending endless amounts of money trying to find the right products that were not going to harm my skin even more. Then, with hair, I’ve always been interested in keeping healthy hair, trying to maintain it myself,” she explains. 

“When I think about black people, I don’t think about one kind of person, I think about the fact that we have so much diversity, so many shades, so many textures in our cultures. Even my own sister, we have different skin texture and different hair texture. Nandi Nicole is really about embracing all of that.” 

Ms Broderick prides herself in the fact that Nandi Nicole is a black-owned company providing a diverse range of products in order to further empower modern-day females of every shade with hair of every texture.

“Our hair is worthy to exist at school and at work. We are worthy of having good quality products,” she said.

Top search and personalization service Findify is now complementing Nandi Nicole’s offering of high quality goods with the addition of its Personalized Search and Recommendations solutions. 

Following an integration with was aided by the Foundry Digital agency, both solutions are now running on Nandi Nicole’s online site, which runs on WooCommerce, improving the purchase journey by helping shoppers find their preferred items quicker and easier.

How does Site Search and Personalization software improve the ecommerce experience? 

With the Personalized Search ecommerce tool, there are two aspects – search accuracy, and personalization. 

Accuracy is about precision and recall – making the search as smart as possible so that it can return relevant results to the shopper putting in the query. This includes an autocomplete, predicting what they will type as they’re typing, meaning fewer keystrokes for the user. 

Findify’s fast and reliable autocomplete solution in operation on Nandi Nicole’s WooCommerce-powered store.  

Other aspects include Natural Language Processing – the search being able to tell the difference between products and attributes.

An effective search should also include spelling tolerance, ensuring shoppers get relevant results even if they make a typo, and a zero results workaround – ensuring relevant products come up even if the exact query searched for is not present. 

Personalization, then, is all about the AI algorithm which analyzes the behaviour of the shopper and learns, in real time, what their preferences are – search results are ranked in order of preference. So, if the algorithm learns the shopper frequently needs led lights, or has a preference for a certain colour, this is what they will see more of. 

The Recommendations solution, then, identifies ‘Hot Sellers’, ‘Recently Viewed Items’, ‘Frequently Bought Together’, ‘Customers Who Viewed This Ultimately Bought’, and ‘Newest Products’. This reliable ecommerce tool allows retailers to maximize their online store’s upsell and cross-sell capabilities without having to manually curate the products shown.

A Findify recommendations widget titled ‘Products You Recently Viewed’ in operation on Nandi Nicole’s WooCommerce store.

CEO: Project marks further WooCommerce expansion

CEO of Findify, Philip Nobel, welcomed Nandi Nicole to the client family, noting its extensive range of high quality products, but also the fact that this client represents further growth for Findify in the WooCommerce space.

“We are in an expansion phase within Findify right now. We have attracted hundreds of clients operating on Shopify, but in the last year or so we have really diversified in terms of platform integrations. We are now extremely popular with Maropost and Jetshop merchants, for example, and growing our base of merchants on BigCommerce. We also recently deployed on Prestashop for the very first time,” he revealed.

“With the welcome addition of Nandi Nicole, and aided in this instance by their agency Foundry Digital, we are spreading further into WooCommerce. The results have been fantastic so far, and we are very much looking forward to delivering a strong Return on Investment for Nandi Nicole and for any other WooCommerce merchants who might join us in the future.”

For more information on Findify’s powerful ecommerce tool, which includes personalization software and solutions such as Personalized Search, Smart Collections, and Recommendations, book a demo here

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