Fine-Tune Your Product Rankings with Findify’s New Trend Scoring Feature

Findify's new trend scoring feature
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Trend Scoring Time Control is a convenient new feature from Findify which allows merchants to customize the time horizon for calculating popularity control – thereby providing greater flexibility and relevance in product rankings.

Trend Scoring Time Control is a convenient new feature from Findify which allows merchants to customize the time horizon for calculating popularity control – thereby providing greater flexibility and relevance in product rankings. Discover how this feature empowers businesses to adapt to changing trends, optimize inventory turnover, and deliver superior customer experiences. 

Understanding the diverse needs of their merchants, Findify continually seeks to provide tailored solutions that enhance their operations. With the introduction of the new Trend Scoring Time Control feature, merchants now have the power to define the time window for calculating popularity control – thus ensuring their product rankings remain up-to-date and aligned with the latest trends. 

Understanding Trend Scoring 

Before diving into the capabilities of the new Time Control capability, let’s first explore the concept of Trend Scoring. Trend Scoring captures the dimension of time, which is a crucial factor in determining product order. By evaluating a product’s popularity in recent times, Trend Scoring allows businesses to amplify or demote products based on seasonal and trend-based demands. It is one of many key factors Findify employs to deliver optimal search results, personalized recommendations, and effective merchandising. 

“Trend Scoring plays a vital role in our algorithm, enabling us to provide relevant and timely product recommendations to our clients’ customers,” explains Findify’s Head of Product, Joakim Amadeus Olsson.

“It helps businesses stay ahead of trends, boost conversions, and maximize revenue.” 

Tailoring Time Windows to Meet Business Requirements 

Every business has its unique requirements, and Findify aims to offer flexible controls that cater to these needs. With Trend Scoring Time Control, merchants can now adjust the time horizon for calculating popularity control, ensuring it aligns precisely with their business dynamics. 

“We understand that businesses operate in diverse industries with varying trends and inventory turnover rates,” says Mr Olsson.  

“By providing the ability to customize the time window, we empower merchants to fine-tune their product rankings and deliver the most relevant results to their customers.” 

Shorter Time Windows for Agile Adaptation 

One of the reasons merchants may prefer a shorter time window is the need for agile adaptation to specific circumstances. For example:  

1. Holiday Overpowering: Holidays often bring changes in product demand and trends. Using a time window that doesn’t reflect these shifts can result in holiday items retaining high rankings for an extended period. With Trend Scoring Time Control, businesses can adjust the time window to ensure that holiday items are appropriately prioritized during the festive season and return to regular rankings afterward. 

2. Micro Trend Cycles: Certain industries experience rapid and short-lived trends. What was popular yesterday may become irrelevant tomorrow. By shortening the time window, businesses operating in such industries can ensure that their product rankings stay aligned with the latest trends and customer preferences. 

Longer Time Windows for Optimizing Results 

Conversely, there are also scenarios where a longer time window might be more beneficial for optimizing product rankings: 

1. Low Inventory Turnover: Industries with large inventories or slower sales cycles often require longer time windows to showcase the most popular options. By extending the time horizon, businesses can ensure that their product rankings reflect true popularity, even in the face of slower turnover rates. 

2. Campaign Dilution: Focused marketing campaigns can influence product rankings, potentially skewing the results. In industries with slower trend cycles, a longer time series provides more robust and accurate results, ensuring that the impact of campaigns is appropriately reflected without overshadowing long-term popularity. 

The new Trend Scoring capability can be found in the Findify dashboard by navigating to Settings > Advanced Setup > Trend Scoring.

Controlling the Time Window: Simple and Effective 

Findify’s Trend Scoring Time Control is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly. This control mechanism affects all Findify features, including Smart Collections, Search, Autocomplete, and Recommendations (Popular Products).  

Merchants can effortlessly navigate the Findify dashboard and adjust the rolling time window to fit their specific needs. Whether extending the time horizon for comprehensive results or shortening it to stay agile, businesses can easily optimize their product rankings with just a few clicks.  

“Trend Scoring Time Control allows businesses to stay agile and relevant in the fast-paced e-commerce world,” concludes Mr Olsson.  

“By providing merchants with the tools to customize the time window, we enable them to deliver superior customer experiences, maximize conversions, and achieve their business goals.” 

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