Top Australian electronics retailer joins Findify client family

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Another top retailer has joined the Findify client community, rounding off what has been a fantastic year for the well-respected machine-learning company. 

This time around it is an Australian one-stop tech shop giving the firm a big thumbs up. 

Shopping Express, which is based near Sydney but sells online to customers all over the land down under, offers its customers “the latest and greatest technology” across a wide range of brands and categories. 

Chief among these categories is PC hardware, with those at Shopping Express stocking everything a person would need to build, upgrade, or repair a modern computer. 

The store’s website now carries a number of Findify features, following a recent smooth integration of the cutting edge Artificial Intelligence technology. 

Findify’s service, which is used by leading eCommerce websites, uses AI to build unique user profiles, thereby delivering a personalized search experience for each site visitor. 

Now, with its increased smart search capabilities, Shopping Express customers will be able to find their preferred items quicker and easier. 

They will also benefit from Findify’s Recommendations solution, which identifies hot sellers, recently viewed items, and newest products, and Findify Smart Collections, which includes personalized product ranking, dynamic filters, and the ability to create merchandising rules. 

“This has been a very exciting and very busy time for Findify. We’ve been expanding our customer portfolio a lot recently, across a wide variety of industries. We have clients in consumer electronics, but also clients in beauty, jewellery, furniture, the fashion industry… it’s very diverse,” said Findify CEO Philip Nobel.    

“We’re also expanding our workforce to keep up with demand. It’s great that so many big names want to work with us. Shopping Express is another great addition to the Findify client family and we look forward to working with them.”

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