Swedish activewear retailer aim’n installs Findify for Shopify Plus

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Founded in Sweden in 2014, aim’n is an innovative, genuine, and up-to-date brand determined to create the next generation of athleisure and activewear. Their mission is to inspire women worldwide to believe in themselves and follow their dreams and hearts. 

Everything aim’n produces is carefully designed in Sweden by their all-female design team – together they create innovative, multifunctional, and long-lasting pieces that take women from workout to weekend.

With hundreds of different products now on offer, the brand, which runs on the Shopify Plus ecommerce platform, faced challenges in terms of how to best enable shoppers to find the specific items they were actively looking for, as well as discover their unknown desires. 

In their search for a fast and reliable ecommerce tool that could solve this problem, those behind the trusted brand discovered Findify. Aim’n has now enlisted the leading site search and personalization software provider to help their customers find their preferred products quicker and easier, while also inspiring new explorations based on individual desires learned by Findify’s best-in-class personalization algorithm. 

Findify’s powerful and reliable autocomplete function (which forms part of the Personalized Search solution) in action for aim’n. 

What is Findify and how does it help increase ecommerce revenue?

Findify is an advanced AI solution which uses algorithms, advanced AI and machine-learning to change the order in which each individual shopper sees each product, meaning each user has the most optimized personalized journey without the need for any manual work. 

This helps ecommerce merchants increase revenue, increase conversion, optimize speed, and improve UX for an optimized ecommerce purchase journey.

Following a recent integration, which was conducted by top web agency Woolman, the full suite of Findify solutions are now integrated with the aim’n site – Personalized Search, Smart Collections, and Recommendations. 

The trusted Personalized Search solution is powered by an advanced AI algorithm which learns, in real-time, the preferences of online shoppers and re-orders product listings accordingly to reflect these learnings. Customers see more of the products they like and, therefore, end up buying more. 

Findify’s equally dependable Smart Collections solution takes all the same aspects as Personalized Search and applies them to collection pages to ensure products appearing within collections are ranked according to the customer’s preference, and are not simply a one-size-fits-all static list of products.

Filtering options in action in an aim’n Smart Collection, powered by Findify.

Finally, the Recommendations solution identifies ‘Hot Sellers’, ‘Recently Viewed Items’, ‘Frequently Bought Together’, ‘Customers Who Viewed This Ultimately Bought’, and ‘Newest Products’. This reliable ecommerce tool allows retailers to maximize their online store’s upsell and cross-sell capabilities without having to manually curate the products shown.

A Findify-powered product recommendation widget on an aim’n product page.

The full suite also includes advanced analytics, which enables merchants to better understand the behaviour of their shoppers by giving them access to extremely valuable, trustworthy, and actionable, insights.

Customizing the product experience

While Findify’s powerful ecommerce tool already looks great out-of-the-box, it is also possible to customize the solutions to match the merchant’s desired look, feel, and desired brand experience. 

In the case of aim’n, Findify and Woolman worked together to create a custom add-to-cart integration. 

Findify also worked with trusted partner Swym to create a top-class wishlist integration. Read more about Findify and Swym’s collaboration here

The Findify team also worked on customising filters and a grid toggle for aim’n, as well as crafting comprehensive and dynamic sticker logic – marking out products that are part of a special event, that are currently discounted, or that have special attributes, such as being made from recycled materials. 

Findify CEO welcomes yet another leading Shopify Plus fashion retailer

“Aim’n is a fantastic brand and we are delighted to be working with them and with their hardworking agency Woolman,” said Findify CEO Philip Nobel. 

“It is heartening to see we remain a top choice for Shopify Plus merchants, especially those operating in the fast-paced fashion industry. It’s a very welcome trend for us and we are going to work hard to ensure it continues.”

For more information on Findify’s powerful ecommerce tool, which includes personalization software and solutions such as Personalized Search, Smart Collections, and Recommendations, book a demo here. To read more about Findify and Shopify, click here.

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