Findify and Norce Join Forces with Rapid Price and Quantity Webhooks

Norce webhooks
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An exciting new feature brings lightning-fast updates to ecommerce stores running on the Norce platform. Joint merchants can now ensure their price and quantity product data is always up to date.

An exciting new feature brings lightning-fast updates to ecommerce stores running on the Norce platform. Joint merchants can now ensure their price and quantity product data is always up to date. This enhancement, which was released during the spring and is now available for all Norce merchants, enables rapid and automatic synchronization, empowering businesses to deliver accurate pricing information and stock availability to their customers.  

In the fast-paced world of ecommerce, maintaining accurate and up-to-date product information is paramount to success. Every change in price or quantity has the potential to impact sales and customer satisfaction.  

With that in mind, Findify, a leading provider of search, merchandising, and personalization solutions, teamed up with the Norce ecommerce platform this spring to offer joint clients a new, unparalleled, rapid product sync for the price and quantity data fields.  

Now, merchants can rest easy knowing that any modifications made to price and/or quantity will be swiftly pushed live – eliminating the uncertainty of outdated information and providing a seamless shopping experience for your customers. 

Active Sync: Powering Real-Time Data Updates 

Findify’s Active Sync infrastructure, built on top of the Apache Pulsar streaming platform, has been instrumental in enabling the aformentioned lightning-fast updates. This robust infrastructure ensures that merchants can update changes for individual products without the need to reindex the entire database.  
With Active Sync, updates begin processing as soon as the individual product data is downloaded. This not only saves valuable time but also offers a game-changing advantage when combined with real-time data updates through webhooks or the Push API. 

Norce Webhooks: Unleashing Real-Time Price and Quantity Updates 

To deliver these benefits seamlessly to its merchants, Findify has collaborated closely with Norce, a leading ecommerce platform. Norce has developed native webhooks that significantly enhance the integration between Norce and Findify, allowing for rapid price and quantity updates.  

Findify’s Head of Product, Joakim Amadeus Olsson, emphasizes the significance of this integration. 

“Following this collaboration, no other search provider has a closer integration with Norce than Findify now does. This is a welcome improvement for our shared merchants.” 

Now, when a merchant updates the price or quantity of a product directly through the Norce Dashboard or through an integrated PIM/ERP system, a webhook is triggered and sent to Findify. This webhook contains essential information, including the Store ID, Channel ID, SKU, and the updated product data.  

Findify’s powerful infrastructure processes this data and pushes it directly into its search index, ensuring that the changes are reflected in the search results and product listings within seconds. 

SKU as the Key Identifier 

For the Findify <> Norce integration to work seamlessly, it is crucial for merchants to use the SKU field as the item ID within Findify.  

By using the SKU as the unique identifier, merchants can leverage the full potential of Findify’s webhooks feature and ensure accurate synchronization between Norce and Findify. This approach empowers businesses to streamline their operations, swiftly update prices, and accurately manage stock availability. 

Enhancing Ecommerce Efficiency: Use Cases and Benefits 

The integration of webhooks and real-time updates brings several notable benefits for ecommerce businesses. Two key use cases exemplify how Findify’s new feature transforms operations and enhances the customer experience. 

1. Ensuring Accurate Stock Availability: 

In the fast-paced world of ecommerce, the availability of products can change rapidly. When an item sells out, it is crucial to remove it from search results and product listings promptly. Norce webhooks for Findify ensure that when a product is no longer available, it is swiftly hidden from customers’ view.  

Joakim Amadeus Olsson explains: “Now, you are safe in the knowledge that when an item is gone, it is gone. Your customers won’t be able to buy it, and they won’t even be able to see it.”  

2. Real-Time Price Updates: 

Price adjustments are a common occurrence in ecommerce, especially during promotional campaigns or flash sales. With Findify’s webhooks, merchants can update prices in Norce, and these changes will be rapidly reflected in the search results and product listings.  

“You’ve changed the price of an item, and you want it selling at that price immediately. Now, you don’t have to wait for the change to take effect – it will be pushed live automatically as soon as you make the change,” said Mr Olsson.  

“This ensures that customers always see the most up-to-date pricing information, improving transparency and customer satisfaction.” 

Unparalleled Integration and Future Innovations 

Findify’s webhooks for Norce offer an unparalleled level of integration, enabling merchants to maintain accurate and real-time product information effortlessly. While highlighting Norce’s contribution to this advancement, Joakim Amadeus Olsson commends the platform’s dedication. 

“Norce has done a remarkable job on this project, and it has been a pleasure working with them,” said Mr Olsson.  

“Findify remains committed to ongoing collaboration with Norce, continuously exploring opportunities for further innovation.” 

This dedication to improvement ensures that Findify and Norce merchants will benefit from cutting-edge features and a future-proof ecommerce experience. 

Activating Webhooks: A Seamless Process 

Merchants eager to harness the power of Findify’s webhooks for Norce can activate this feature with ease.  

To get started, first ensure that your Item IDs within Findify match up correctly to the corresponding products’ SKUs. Then, simply send an email to  

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