New Feature: Technical Support further improved by proactive Delta Testing

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Findify is now utilizing the power of Delta Testing to ensure clients receive the highest level of proactive technical support following their implementation of Findify’s Personalized Search, Recommendations, and Smart Collections solutions.

Developers at Findify have recently upgraded the way in which they monitor the performance of Findify solutions – a change which is set to strengthen the provider’s client support service even further. 

While Findify was already using automated testing to carry out this function, the leading site search and personalization software provider is now taking this to the next level by using automated Delta Testing to increase the speed with which they identify and deal with technical issues. 

This improved method of technical support is complementing existing security practices such as top issue tracking protocols and having developers on call round-the-clock who are notified by any system disturbances.BOOK A FINDIFY DEMO

​What is a Delta Test?

The term delta stems from its usage in mathematical equations, where the symbol for delta is used to denote a change in a variable. 

Put simply, a delta represents a difference between two values – a change of some sort. 

In practical terms, this could be a change in the welfare of a patient whose condition is improving or worsening, a change between the current results of a laboratory test and the previous result of the exact same test, or a change in the value of an asset, for example. The method can be used in almost any situation in almost any industry.

Why is Findify using Delta Testing? ​

Anders Gullander, Head of ProductAs a leading site search and personalization software provider, Findify solutions are used by hundreds of clients, and tens of thousands of shoppers, each and every day. 

If any aspect of the service is not performing exactly as expected, Findify developers need to know about it before it has any major impact. However, with so many clients using Findify solutions, it would be impossible for them to manually go through each store and check for discrepancies on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis. 

That’s where Delta Testing comes in.

On a basic level, this method essentially sees Findify experts telling the test what results it expects to see. The test is then run on a continuous, round-the-clock basis, checking the services being provided, and any abnormal change (or delta) is automatically flagged with the Findify team. 

“We are using this in many instances, but let’s take a product feed as an example,” said Findify Head of Product, Anders Gullander. 

“Let’s say this product feed usually has around 100 items in it. Maybe that number occasionally goes up a little, goes down a little. These changes are considered normal, and are not flagged. But what if suddenly there are only 30 products showing? This is something that would be flagged by the Delta Test, which would then immediately alert Findify developers.”

​What does this mean for Findify clients?

While Findify developers are always on alert for any issues that might arise, the implementation of Delta Testing means this support has been strengthened even further. 

This means any issues, or anything that could potentially become an issue, are identified immediately, ensuring a Findify developer can look into the instance and quickly fix anything that needs fixing. 

“Delta Testing is a fantastic next step for us, as we felt it would improve our already strong quality control and automated testing capabilities,” said Mr Gullander. 

“This is a great system because it takes measurements over a long period, continuously assessing trends, and identifies issues before they even become issues. Also, Delta Testing doesn’t just assess in terms of black or white, broken or working, it also monitors shades of grey – instances where something is not working, but also instances where something is working as well as it could.”

Delta Testing is now in use by Findify developers, who say it has proven extremely successful so far and has already been a key factor in improving the support they offer to their clients. 

For more information on Findify’s powerful ecommerce tools, including personalization software and solutions such as Personalized SearchSmart Collections, and Recommendations, book a demo here.

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