New Feature: Refinement of API labelling making it easier for merchants to track insights

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New labelling capabilities are set to streamline the way Findify clients using an API integration track their Recommendations widgets.

During the last few years, the growth of PWAs, headless, and fully customized frontends have increased the usage of API integrations. While this development simplifies a lot of processes, it also puts demands on changing how systems are configured and labelled.

At Findify, we are aware of how important it is for merchants to easily access relevant information, which is why we are constantly tweaking and refining our own analytics offering – giving our clients the most actionable insights possible. 

Our most recent development in this area sees a change to the way we label certain Recommendations widgets within our popular Recommendations solution, meaning merchants can now more easily track certain aspects of the solution. ​

“As more and more clients use API integration and are accessing the Recommendations API directly instead of via widgets created in the Findify merchant dashboard, it has not been fully straightforward to track the performance of such Recommendations in our analytics,” explained Findify’s Vsevolod Goloviznin. 

Acting on feedback received from clients, Findify’s development team came up with an easy solution – allowing for the inclusion of an API label to be used later on in the analytics when accessing the API directly. 

Mr Goloviznin said this would make the tracking process that bit easier for a lot of retailers.

“I think it’s a great little feature, worth celebrating – especially since it was a request from our merchants. We believe in focusing innovation around areas that are relevant for our users and urge everyone to share their needs with us.”

For more information on Findify’s powerful ecommerce tools, including personalization software and solutions such as Personalized SearchSmart Collections, and Recommendations, book a demo here.

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