New Feature: Promo Card Campaigns to easily drive strategic messaging

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Our new and exclusive Promo Card Campaigns feature allows you, the merchant, to further your strategic goals by promoting desired content directly within product listings. Push anything, from new products to collaborations, events, hero lines, and upcoming sales within the product grid.

Promoting content directly within your product listings is a surefire way to boost brand engagement and increase your sales. This enables you to connect with your shoppers where it really matters – in the purchase cycle’s moment of truth.

This is why our developers have created a brand new feature – Promo Card Campaigns. 

With this capability – which is fully customizable, easy and intuitive, and exclusive to Findify – you can quickly and easily drive brand collaborations, sell out certain products, or even promote special events. You can do all this using an extremely controlled way – with either a wide range or a tight focus.

The Promo Card Campaigns feature has recently come through a rigorous beta testing process and is now available for all new Findify clients to experience. 

Setting a Promo Card Campaign

Showing promotional cards within dynamic collections and search results can lead to better brand engagement and higher sales. 

Findify clients can access the Promo Cards Campaign feature from their merchant dashboard – go to either Search or Smart Collections and then select Promo Cards. 

Findify’s merchant dashboard, open on the tab which enables merchants to quickly and easily create their desired Promo Card Campaigns. 

Here is where you can quickly and easily create your promo card campaigns. It takes fewer than 30 seconds! You can upload an image for the card (or have a fixed background) as well as add a title, a description, and a CTA to direct users to any desired promotional page. 

Create a Promo Card Campaign from scratch in less than 30 seconds!

In terms of placement, a promo card can be set to a fixed position, or a relative position, to follow a specific product. Multiple promo cards can be displayed on the same page.

Given the ease and minimal effort with which promo card campaigns can be set up using this exclusive Findify feature – this can even be done on the go, direct from mobile – you can also choose to use it for smaller projects such as temporary promotions. 

Findify CCO: Combining strategy with AI personalization “the future of merchandising”

Our CCO, Joakim Amadeus Olsson, praised the developers who worked on the Promo Card Campaigns feature, describing the rollout of this new and unique-to-Findify capability as a key part of the 2021 product roadmap. 

“This is a very important feature for us, and for our clients. Now our merchants can quickly and easily drive their strategic messaging across both search results and category pages – using a method which can be either wide in range or extremely focussed. Merchants will have the ability to tailor messages for specific collections/queries OR easily push them on a broader basis,” he explained. 

“Products will still be ordered dynamically, with each shopper seeing personalized search listings – seeing first what they are most likely to buy – but now with promotional messaging interwoven throughout the experience. The end result is an amalgamation of both human and artificial intelligence, which I believe is the future of successful merchandising in the ecommerce space.”

Positive feedback from beta testing merchants 

Over the last number of months, we have been working closely with beta testing merchants who have been utilizing the beta version of Promo Card Campaigns – clients such as Cellbes, Municipal, and Hoover, among others. 

“We have had fantastic feedback from merchants regarding the feature, which is why we are now releasing it in a broader capacity,” revealed Findify’s Head of Product, Vsevolod Goloviznin. 

“The key has been a structure that is extremely easy to use which greatly benefits the stores and merchandisers using this capability. The Findify team is hugely proud of all the hard work and dedication that has gone into creating the Promo Card Campaigns feature and is delighted to see how positively it has been received.” 

For more information on Findify’s powerful ecommerce tool, which includes personalization software and solutions such as Personalized Search, Smart Collections, and Recommendations, book a demo here

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