Beta Feature: Fully own the product experience with Grid Control

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Our brand new Grid Control capability enables merchants to fully own the product experience by tailoring product card sizes – thereby highlighting items of strategic importance. 

With Findify’s Grid Control (which can be applied to search results, collections, or both) merchants can now control the size of their product cards. Going forward, they can choose to insert larger-than-average images into their product grid, giving certain items even greater levels of visibility. 

This transforms the grid from having a regular pattern (where all product cards are the same), to a more dynamic and customized experience. Products highlighted in this way within the product grid capture the shopper’s attention to a greater degree. 

In the gif below, you can see product cards with two different sizes profiles. The first product shown (on the far left of the grid) is a larger product card profile which spans an area that would normally feature four (2×2) product cards. The other product cards are regular sized. 

In this case, a pattern has been applied. You can see larger product cards appear in an alternating left, right, left pattern. 

Controlling the Product Grid Experience 

A key element in setting Grid Control options was to provide full control for how each and every collection is displayed. You can choose to keep the functionality turned off for some collections, leaving all product cards the same size, or you can choose to apply one of two pre-built patterns to some collections and set your own tailored positions for others.  

With the ‘Start Left Aligned’ pattern, large sized product cards will start to appear in the product grid. The first larger item will appear on the left hand side and will appear at regular intervals after that, alternating from left to right. 

The ‘Start Right Aligned’ pattern is exactly the same as the previous one, except the large cards first appear on the right hand side and then alternate from right to left. 

To cater for all possible use cases we’ve also introduced an advanced option. This capability is key for full freedom. It is essentially the ability to tailor the specific location a large product card appears. This is a fully customizable option where the merchant can freely tailor each collection appearance. Over time, we expect this option to inspire further expansion of pre-built patterns.

Grid Control: We Fit With You 

Grid Control is platform agnostic and can be enabled for any platform. 

In addition, while this is the first iteration of Grid Control, further evolutions are expected based on merchant feedback. 

“This is a super cool capability which we expect a lot of our merchants will want to use, but it being the first generation of the ability, we also expect to develop it further,” explained Findify CCO Joakim Amadeus Olsson. 

“We are looking forward to working with merchants, seeing how they use it & how control mechanisms should evolve. For the next generation we both expect to extend the prebuilt patterns and include control in the dashboard, but the best way to get it perfect is to listen to clients, find out what they want, & build on that feedback. Exciting times ahead!”

To learn more about the ins and outs of Grid Control, see Findify’s Developer Hub technical document here.  

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