Jewellery retailer Hillberg & Berk integrates Findify Personalized Search, Smart Collections, and Recommendations solutions

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Hillberg & Berk is not your usual jewellery company. 

Founded by Canadian entrepreneur Rachel Mielke, the socially-conscious and purpose-driven business seeks to empower women, leaving a positive impact on female lives. 

To date, the company has contributed more than half a million canadian dollars to organizations that work on “assisting women in their pursuit of greatness”, while all but three of the company’s employees are female. 

Powering this altruistic standpoint are hundreds of thousands of customers from all across the globe – including celebrities Michelle Obama, Celine Dion, and Carrie Underwood. 

Even Queen Elizabeth has been photographed wearing Hillberg & Berk designs. The monarch owns two brooches from the retailer, presented to her by a Canadian politician. 

Within the last ten years, Hillberg & Berk has gone from a one-woman company to a global powerhouse. Now, the latest step in the brand’s journey of success lies in its integration with leading personalised search and smart collection company Findify. 

What is Findify and how can we help retailers across the globe?

Findify is an advanced AI solution which uses algorithms, advanced AI and machine-learning to change the order in which each individual shopper sees each product, meaning each user has the most optimized personalized journey without the need for any manual work. 

This helps ecommerce merchants increase revenue, increase conversion, optimize speed, and improve UX for an optimized ecommerce purchase journey.

Following the recent integration, which saw experts from Northern (Canada’s fastest growing ecommerce agency) working in close collaboration with Findify, three Findify solutions are now integrated with the Hillberg & Berk site on the Shopify Plus platform. 

The Personalized Search solution means customers of the jewellery company will now be able to find their preferred items quicker and easier. Search queries will have auto-complete options, while advanced spelling tolerance will ignore spelling mistakes and also provide instant results while typing. 

Findify’s Smart Collections solution, meanwhile, includes personalized product ranking, dynamic filters, and the ability to create merchandising rules. The Recommendations solution identifies hot sellers, recently viewed items, and newest products. 

Philip Nobel, CEO of Findify, welcomed Hillberg & Berk to the ever-expanding Findify client family. 

“We’re delighted to have such a socially-conscious retailer on board, helping to empower women all across the globe,” he said. 

“Founder of Hillberg & Berk, Rachel Mielke, is a true entrepreneur, a true businesswoman, and an inspiration to us all. I cannot stress enough how happy I am she has created such success in such a relatively short amount of time, and how much I look forward to our personalization solutions helping to continue the fantastic progress that has already been made.”

To read more about Findify clients, click here. For more information about how Findify personalization and optimization can increase revenue for your ecommerce business, book a demo here.

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