Jewellery house Shaun Leane is Findify’s latest UK client

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British designer Shaun Leane has redefined the standard of Jewellery design. 

Fusing innovation with exquisite craftsmanship, the House is known for a timeless elegance that epitomises modern romance. Creator of some of the most admired Jewellery masterpieces of the twenty-first century, Shaun Leane is fast becoming one of the world’s pre-eminent Jewellery houses.

Now, his UK company has enlisted the services of leading Artificial Intelligence personalization platform, Findify.  

The organization’s smart search solutions have just gone live on the Shaun Leane website, helping customers explore, discover, and instantly find products that fit their unique desires. 

Findify CEO Philip Nobel said he was delighted to welcome Shaun Leane into the ever-expanding Findify client family. 

“It’s a really great brand and they have extremely high standards – which is why it is so fantastic to have been selected by them. We’re very happy to have them with us,” he said. 

“While most of our clients are based in North America, Findify has been very strong in the UK recently. It’s a very exciting trend for us and we are going to work hard to ensure it continues.”

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