Integration Spotlight: Lipscore x Findify

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Enterprise search and merchandising provider Findify has launched a brand new, easy to implement backend integration with Lipscore – the world’s most efficient rating and review collecting engine.  

With Findify, merchants can make up to 30% higher conversion through enhanced relevance and easy control. An advanced AI personalization algorithm boosts conversion and ensures displays are never static, while a top tier merchandising suite enables merchants to take full control of product placement – should they wish to.

With Lipscore, merchants can enjoy between x5 and x10 times more reviews than the market standard. Merchants attract credible and genuine reviews that help them obtain more traffic from Google and also build trust with customers – which increases conversion. 

On average, Lipscore has a response rate of 23%, collecting both product reviews as well as general reviews about the shopping experience. 

The company also offers translation of reviews, a Q&A feature, a size model, and the ability to comment on reviews. 

Now, Lipscore and Findify have worked to ensure their solutions work even more seamlessly together – creating more value for mutual clients who want to sell more and sell smarter, as highlighted in the most recent integration with Swedish footwear store Din Sko. 

Swedish Jetshop merchants Din Sko and Skopunkten “great examples” of successful Findify x Lipscore integrations

Swedish retailers Dinsko and Skopunkten, which are both owned by the Nilson Group and hosted on the Jetshop platform, are prime examples of how well Findify and Lipscore solutions work together. 

The merchants are now benefiting from both Findify’s advanced personalization software as well as Lipscore’s efficient rating and review collection. 

Below, you can see how Findify sorting abilities on Din Sko’s website now incorporates the ability to filter by Lipscore’s customer ratings. 

And here you can see how Findiy’s sorting capabilities on Din sko’s store now offers the ability to sort items in the grid based on Lipscore reviews. 

Lipscore x Findify: Easy integration at the click of a button

Mutual Findify and Lipscore clients can now integrate the two solutions in a few easy clicks. Merchants need only go to their Findify Merchant Dashboard and navigate to Settings > Integrations and then click on the Lipscore integration. 

Going forward, merchants can then manage the integration (including activating filters and sorting) directly within the Findify dashboard.

Advanced capabilities in grouping, sorting, and filtering

With a Findify x Lipscore integration, merchants can benefit from a number of advanced capabilities. 

A particularly useful feature lies in the ability to mix and match reviews with different product IDs which are within the same grouping of products. 

Say, for example, you are selling a dress in white, black, and red. You are offering each color in S, M, and L sizes. However, you only have reviews for the small, red dress variant. With the Findify x Lipscore integration, you can quickly and easily choose to show these reviews on the white and on the black variants, of all sizes. This benefits both the merchant and the customer – the merchant is gaining trust with the shopper by showing them relevant reviews, while the shopper is getting to see reviews of the dress they are interested in, which are still relevant to them despite the reviews relating to an item of a different size and/or color. 

Advanced sorting and filtering options are also possible. Merchants can enable their shoppers to search by review score, for example. 

Merchants can also choose to show the review scores on the product cards within the grid and can, of course, choose to fully customize the entire look and feel of the solution so that it seamlessly fits in with their store’s visual identity. 

Rating score is also one of the more influential dimensions in the personalization ranking. Through this backend integration, ratings will out of the box be fed into the algorithm – thus enhancing the overall performance.

Two state-of-the-art solutions working together to increase ecommerce revenue

Joakim Amadeus Olsson, CCO of Findify, explained how important it is to the company that their clients have the most relevant product experience possible. 

“At Findify, we offer enterprise search and merchandising made easy, and every day we talk about positive shopper journeys and relevant product experiences. An integral part of that lies in social proofing,” he explained. 

“That’s why we’ve partnered with Lipscore. We share a common desire to help merchants to sell more, and sell better.”

Mr Olsson said he was delighted to integrate with a partner that shares their Nordic presence.

“Lipscore is a fantastic Norwegian company and one which is growing fast in the Nordics. Findify is Swedish and we have also, in recent years, increased our presence both here and in the Nordics,” he said. 

“I may be biased here, but I do think that Findify’s enterprise search capabilities and leading merchandising suite combined with the nudging and social proofing services of Lipscore is a very winning combination, for our mutual client in the Nordics but also further afield.”

* Findify, an advanced AI solution and ecommerce tool which uses machine-learning algorithms to change the order in which each individual shopper sees each product, creates an optimized and personalized journey for online shoppers. For more information on Findify and its solutions (Personalized Search (including Content Search), Recommendations, and Smart Collections), book a demo here

* Lipscore is an innovative ecommerce tool for merchants who want to boost sales showcasing customer reviews and compelling user generated content. For more information, go to or book a demo here.

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