Full Findify suite for Swedish menswear giant John Henric

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John Henric was founded, more than 10 years ago, by two friends with a big vision – to produce unique and high-quality men’s accessories. 

With hard work and determination the dynamic duo made their idea a huge success, allowing them to branch out into the production of men’s shirts, sweaters, and bags. 

Today, John Henric products are sold all over the globe – amplified by machine-learning and product personalization company Findify.

The John Henric website now carries a number of additional Findify features, following a full redesign of the site and integration on Swedish ecommerce platform Jetshop, making full usage of Findify’s latest Artificial Intelligence technology.

Findify’s service, which is used by leading eCommerce websites, uses AI to build unique user profiles, thereby delivering a personalized search experience for each site visitor. 

Now, with its improved personalized site search capabilities, John Henric customers will be able to find their preferred items quicker and easier. 

They will also benefit from Findify’s Recommendations solution, which identifies hot sellers, recently viewed items, and newest products, and Findify Smart Collections, which includes personalized product ranking, dynamic filters, and the ability to create merchandising rules. 

CEO of Findify, Philip Nobel, said he was delighted to have John Henric in the Findify client family. 

“I’ve shopped at John Henric myself and I’ve always found their products to be of extremely high quality while still being affordable. So it’s a nice feeling knowing Findify is helping to bring this experience to even more people across the globe and also aiding John Henric in increasing their revenue and their conversion rates,” he said. 

“John Henric is a fantastic brand and everyone here at Findify really believes in them. We’re delighted they chose to work with us.” 

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