Full Findify suite for California-based Shopify merchant The Bruery

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An award-winning merchant in the food & beverage industry, The Bruery is an American brewing company based in California. 

Founded by Master Cicerone Patrick Rue, the company’s name is an apt fusion between the word ‘Brewery’ and founder’s family name – ‘Rue’. 

It’s a name that leaves no room for confusion – with one glance customers can divine that this is a store that’s all about making and selling the very best quality beer. 

The online iteration of The Bruery, which runs on the Shopify ecommerce platform, was lovingly created by top US web agency Zehner. There, customers can purchase their favourite tipples, and also sign up for ‘Society’ membership to gain access to special creations and experiences. 

Customers shopping on www.thebruery.com will now also interact with a number of Findify Site Search & Personalization solutions. 

Findify autocomplete and search results operating on TheBruery.com. 

What is Findify and how does it help increase ecommerce revenue?

Findify is an advanced AI solution which uses algorithms, advanced AI and machine-learning to change the order in which each individual shopper sees each product, meaning each user has the most optimized personalized journey without the need for any manual work. 

This helps ecommerce merchants increase revenue, increase conversion, optimize speed, and improve UX for an optimized ecommerce purchase journey.

Three Findify solutions are now live on The Bruery’s website – Personalized Search, Smart Collections, and Recommendations. 

Personalized Search is powered by an advanced AI algorithm which learns, in real-time, the preferences of online shoppers and re-orders product listings accordingly. Customers see more of the products they like and, therefore, end up buying more. 

Smart Collections, meanwhile, includes personalized product ranking, dynamic filters, and the ability to create merchandising rules. 

Findify filtering options (which are fully customizable) operating on a Smart Collection for The Bruery. Findify also created the custom Holiday Gifts banner seen at the top of the page.

Findify Recommendations identifies ‘Hot Sellers’, ‘Recently Viewed Items’, ‘Frequently Purchased Together’, ‘Customers Who Viewed This Ultimately Bought’, and ‘Newest Products’. This ecommerce tool allows retailers to maximize their online store’s upsell and cross-sell capabilities without having to manually curate the products shown.

Findify’s Recommendations solution in action for The Bruery. Findify also created the custom ‘Members Only’ sticker visible on some of the product cards shown.

Going beyond out-of-the-box: Findify Customizations, Banners, & Stickers

While Findify’s powerful ecommerce tool already looks great out-of-the-box, it is also possible to customize the solutions to match the merchant’s desired look, feel, and desired brand experience. 

The Bruery, for example, chose to customize a number of aspects, most notably in relation to the store’s search results page where logic for becoming a member was incorporated into individual product cards. 

Findify also created custom banners for The Bruery, highlighting the merchant’s Holiday Gifts collection, and custom stickers, highlighting ‘Members Only’ products. 

The store also features a beautiful, full-screen autocomplete, and carries a beta version of Findify’s Content Search feature, due to be released to the wider public in 2021. 

A beta version of Findify’s soon-to-be-released Content Search solution, running on The Bruery.

Findify CEO looking forward to creating continued value for Zehner client The Bruery

CEO of Findify, Philip Nobel, welcomed The Bruery to the ever-growing Findify client family. 

“We are always delighted to add one more US Shopify merchant to our ranks, especially those working with our valued partners at Zehner who do great work on their clients’ websites,” he said.

“But it’s also great to add another merchant from the food and beverage industry as this is a sector that can really benefit from site search and personalization software.”

Mr Nobel revealed the majority of Findify clients occupy space in the fashion, beauty, and electronics industries, but that in recent years interest from merchants in other industries has been growing. 

“This is a fantastic trend, because our solutions can 100% be tailored for different industries. The Bruery is the latest food & beverage merchant to recognise the value in search and personalization solutions, and we look forward to working with them long into the future and delivering continued return on investment for them.”

For more information on Findify’s powerful ecommerce tool, which includes personalization software and solutions such as Personalized Search, Smart Collections, and Recommendations, book a demo here. To read more about Findify and Shopify, click here

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