Findify & Yotpo: Add product ratings and reviews to your search results

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Yotpo helps great brands accelerate their online growth by providing a full suite of solutions for customer reviews, visual marketing, loyalty programs and referrals. It offers a variety of ways for shoppers to ask questions and leave comments, making it simple for them to give their feedback and review each and every purchase.

By integrating Yotpo with Findify, you can to add those product ratings and reviews to your search results and shoppers can use these to filter products by.

Social proof in your search results

Straight from your collections pages, search results and product recommendations, shoppers can see what other shoppers think of each product. The all-important social proof is provided automatically by your own shoppers, encouraging others to buy without you needing to do a thing.

Search by product rating

Using data and machine learning to automatically select the most effective assortment of products for each user, Yotpo‘s integration with Findify gives shoppers the chance to find and filter products based on the ratings.

Integration Benefits

Install Findify with Yotpo in one click and shorten the time it takes for shoppers to make that buying decision, increasing your store revenue.

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