Findify and Swym ecommerce tool integration boosts value for merchants using personalization and wishlist app services

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Leading site search and personalization software company Findify has launched a new integration with Swym - an innovative wishlist app and smart back-in-stock solution.

Swym’s popular ecommerce tool prolongs the shopper journey, making it easy for customers to save their favourite products so they can find them again later – when they are ready to buy. 

Swym’s wishlist capability in action on the Outerknown website.

Experts at both companies have come together to ensure Findify and Swym solutions work seamlessly together – creating more value for mutual clients who want to sell more and sell smarter, as highlighted through the most recent integration of widely respected brand Outerknown. 

Shopify Plus merchant Outerknown details the Findify + Swym experience

US-based retailer Outerknown was co-founded by 11-time World Surf League Champion Kelly Slater and acclaimed designer John Moore with the belief that apparel businesses have a responsibility to make clothing that respects the world around us. 

Today, Outerknown is fully committed to making their entire product line sustainable by using organic materials made in safe factories by workers treated fairly with fair pay. 

Aiding them in the online iteration of their sustainable clothing journey, are three Findify solutions: Personalized Search, Smart Collections, and Recommendations, as well as Swyms great wishlist app to prolong the customer journey.  

Junior Warner, Director of Web Development at Outerknown praised both providers, saying Findify and Swym integrate “very well” with each other and that the solutions work hand-in-hand. 

“I do think Findify and Swym complement each other, because it allows users to add products to their Wishlist on the search and Product Listing Pages (PLP) which is earlier than they usually would have a chance to with other solutions that only allow users to add to their Wishlist on the product page,” he explained. 

Two state-of-the-art solutions working together to increase ecommerce revenue

Junior first discovered Findify in his search to replace the default Shopify search function. He wanted a solution that would allow further refinement of the filters customers were allowed to do on the Outerknown search results page and Product Listing Pages. 

With Swym, Junior wanted an easier way for Outerknown customers to add their favourite products to a wishlist, then add it to their cart later without having to go through the process of finding it on the PLP or through search again. 

Now, with solutions from both companies working in tandem on the Outerknown website, the apparel store is experiencing fantastic results. 

“The seamless integration between Findify and Swym would allow a customer like Outerknown to increase sales and conversion rate,” said Junior.

The effect of the technology even extends beyond the site experience into external marketing. 

“Customers of Swym, like Outerknown, can look at the analytics that Swym provides to see what products people are adding to their Wishlist the most – and market those products to drive more interest and sales,” he said. 

“[Meanwhile] Findify personalized search and PLP has contributed to faster page load on our search results and PLP pages. The analytics breakdown Findify offers allows us to get more in depth details on how users are interacting with the products displayed on the search results and PLP pages and how they prefer to filter them.” 

* Findify, an advanced AI solution and ecommerce tool which uses machine-learning algorithms to change the order in which each individual shopper sees each product, creates an optimized and personalized journey for online shoppers. For more information on Findify solutions, including personalization software, book a demo here. For more information on Swym, go to

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