Findify and SPA: Improving site speed with single page application integrations

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In these modern times, online shoppers simply don’t have the patience to deal with slow-loading websites. 

For merchants, this means their pages need to load almost literally in the blink of an eye – or risk a poor user experience. And a poor UX means high churn, low conversion, and an overall revenue that’s not nearly as large as it could be. 

That’s where SPA comes in. It’s the acronym on the lips of every tech-savvy ecommerce manager these days, as they search for ways to improve user experience, drive conversion rates higher, and secure an increase in business revenue. 

SPA, which stands for Single Page Application, is essentially a web page that increases site speed by loading certain elements only once. When you click to a new page, all the elements that stay the same are not loaded again – only the new elements of the page are loaded. 

This method has been hailed a game changer, and an increasing amount of merchants are now talking to their web developers about this, looking to make the switch to SPA. 

Merchants currently enjoying Findify solutions will be happy to hear the company supports SPA and has completed many successful SPA integrations. Merchants already utilizing SPA but who are new to the world of Findify personalization will also welcome the news. 

“We’ve become very experienced at helping merchants and their developers integrate Findify with their SPA website,” said Anders Gullander, Findify’s Head of Product. 

“Our current merchants who have moved to SPA have definitely seen an improvement in their site speed.”

Examples of Findify clients using SPA include menswear giant John Henric, activewear brand Better Bodies, jewellery and fashion retailer Tom Wood, and equestrian store Cheval Nordique. 

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