Content Search: Instagram connector for easy display in autocomplete & search results

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Findify’s popular Content Search feature has a brand new capability! Merchants can now promote their valuable Instagram content directly within their autocomplete and search results. This new content connector has been added directly within the Findify dashboard in order for merchants to easily link their Instagram account. This powerful tool can strengthen shopper journeys, reinforce purchase decisions, and increase shopper loyalty.

Following on from the successful release of Content Search, and our quest to keep adding popular content connectors, Findify developers have decided to add Instagram capabilities to this already popular feature. 

To date, merchants have been utilizing Content Search to leverage their content in a whole new way – by bringing it into the shopping experience and thereby strengthening the shopper journey. 

In practice, this involves adding content, such as blogs, guides, brand and category pages, and now Instagram  feeds, to the search experience. This allows merchants to more fully engage with shoppers directly at the point of purchase.

Leverage social nudging to reinforce purchase decisions 

Let’s go through a real-world example of how Findify’s new Content Search for Instagram can impact the shopper journey. 

On one popular online fashion store, a shopper called Jane is looking at Rockabilly dresses. She has conducted a search and a number of nice dresses in this style have appeared in her product grid. But there is a problem – she can’t decide which one she wants. 

Without the Content Search capability, the store risks giving Jane a form of choice paralysis. There are so many nice dresses in the style that she wants that it is hard for her to choose between them. She is in danger of leaving the site without purchasing any of them. 

This site has Findify’s Content Search, however, and so Jane toggles her view in the search screen so she can see the brand’s social content associated with those dresses. 

She finds Instagram pictures of women with a similar body type to hers wearing the various dress styles, and reads a guest blog written by an influencer she admires who tried out one of the dresses, thus helping Jane make a purchase decision.

What else can merchants promote with Content Search?

With Content Search, you can push a wide variety of content, depending on your store strategy. 

For stores that offer products with longer sales cycles (such as large furniture, chainsaws, bicycles, laptops) ‘How To’ and buyers guides are typically a big priority. With Content Search, you can quickly and easily curate a feed that showcases your guides to the shopper. So if someone is on your site and searches for cameras, they can toggle between the products themselves and content such as a page for ‘How to Buy your first DSLR Camera’ or a blog post titled ‘7 reasons the Nikon D3000 may be the Right Camera for You’. 

You can also use Content Search to direct shoppers to collection pages or policy pages, inspire usage, freshen up product listings, highlight product attributes, and much more. 

Any content source is possible

Content Search supports a number of prebuilt connectors – any and all content from Shopify, Jetshop, and now Instagram (making integration lightning fast), while also offering a flexible Content API (allowing for endless opportunities and control). 

With the API you can enable shoppers to search and find absolutely anything, easily in the same field – including Q&A discussion forums, and UGC such as text- and image-led reviews.

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