5 Easy And Effective Customer Engagement Ideas to Implement in 2020

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In the eCommerce world customer engagement is an important connection between your online brand and your customers.

It’s well known that highly engaged customers show more loyalty to you and your online business and of course bring you more sales. And thanks to the growth of digital marketing and social media, in 2020 online customers are getting smarter and quicker each day. So in order to keep up with the changes in the eCommerce world and involve more customers in the online business, every day online business owners are coming up with different customer engagement ideas.‍‍

You can find a lot of successful customer engagement examples that merchants could use. Major online brands use different strategies: from creating useful video content to implementing  rewards programs and VIP tiers. And in this article I would like to talk about 5 easy and Effective customer engagement ideas to implement in 2020.

5 engagement strategies to leverage in 2020:

1. Create Useful Content 

One of my favorite customer engagement strategies, that brings the most traffic to your online shop, is creating useful content for your customers. Today there are a lot of different online channels to share the content and here are the most suitable channels for eCommerce.
According to Wyzowl, soon video traffic will represent 80% of all consumer online traffic as half of a billion people watch videos on social media every day, so creating promotional or explainer videos about your brand would help you to attract more customers. You can show how the products that you are selling are supposed to be used or tell your customers the story of how you have started your brand. Videos get lots of attention and help you to engage more with your customers.
You can also engage with other communities and expand your online brand’s name in order to grow your reputation in different groups of people. In 2020 blogs have a major influence on the online market and society today as people now search for all types of information on blogs and other informative websites, so starting blogging and guest blogging would be a great idea. And online forums like Quora and Reddit are a great channel to engage with your desired audience. You can show your knowledge of the industry by answering questions related to your products on Quora, talking about your industry on Reddit and people will trust you and your brand more.

2. Provide Outstanding Customer Service

When asking online customers what impacts their level of trust with an eCommerce brand, it turns out that offering outstanding customer service was ranked number one. So it’s essential to provide a top-notch customer service and experience and make it one of your priority customer engagement ideas. Because customers remember when they were treated well, and  they also remember when they were treated poorly, and both ways, they share their online shopping experience with their family and friends via social media or by word of mouth, and it can bring either more or less sales opportunities for you as a business owner. ​

3. Use the Power of Social Media ​

In 2020 the internet plays a huge role in everyone’s everyday life, both personally and commercially. Social media platforms have emerged in recent years and are now being used both by personal and business users worldwide. These platforms allow us to communicate with friends and family on a personal level, share media and keep up with what is happening. In addition to effective engagement and communication, social media makes it easier to market your brand, even if you are on a budget. You can build a relationship with the audience when using social media, which is something you can’t do with traditional advertising. You can also offer special deals and promotions which can help you win more followers and make them feel that you’re giving them exclusive benefits. ​

4. Implement Rewards Programs and VIP Tiers ​

In 2020 rewards programs are one of the most effective ideas to implement for customer engagement. Getting rewards and points while customers are online shopping is the best thing ever. First of all, it makes them feel valued by your brand. And it’s a win-win strategy as the more points they earn, the more they visit your website again to shop and redeem the collected points.
In order to build a successful rewards program on your Shopify store, you need to find an app on the Shopify App Store. One of the best apps is Growave, with an average 5-star rating. Growave is the all-in-one marketing platform that can help you reach your audience, engage users, and increase conversions with ease. You get all tools for reaching, engaging, and converting your customers like Reviews, Wishlists, Rewards and Loyalty, Instagram galleries, Automated emails, Social Sharing and Social login for a great price, all under one dashboard.

5. Use Smart Email Marketing 

Email marketing is still a cheap but yet very powerful way to reach and engage with your desired audience. Emails about new products for your existing customers or targeted promotional email to attract new audience’s attention, all emails bring traffic to your online store. Smart email marketing strategy can create your brand’s awareness and build trust and loyalty among your new and existing customers. This strategy doesn’t need any investments as you collect all the emails when customers are visiting your online shop, it only needs your time and some creativity. Don’t miss a chance to engage with your customers using this old but still gold marketing strategy.


The goal of every customer engagement strategy is to encourage your customers to communicate and share their experience with your brand. In 2020 it’s important to implement new customer engagement ideas and try new marketing tips in order for your eCommerce business to remain relevant and keep growing.  ​

Author’s bio:
Aida Kubatova is a Content Strategy Manager at Growave. She believes in the power of eCommerce and loves online shopping herself. Every day she creates useful content to help entrepreneurs around the world to learn more about the latest news and innovations from the world of Digital Marketing and eCommerce in order to grow their online business and, of course, sales. ​

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