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Yotpo is the smartest way to get more ratings & reviews, boost traffic and increase sales. But it’s a whole lot more than a reviews platform, it’s a user-generated content engine for growth. Their users typically generate 9x more product reviews & site reviews than generated with other reviews solutions. Findify has partnered with Yotpo to include their ratings in your search results!


Monumental Design Co.

Monumental is a partner for clients with conviction. From brand identity development to web design & build, Shopify and Shopify Plus ecommerce – whether you’re just starting or you’ve made it over the mountain pass, we’re your new guide.


Whole Design Studios

Whole Design Studios is conversion rate optimization agency for fashion ecommerce companies. We use UX research, A/B testing and analytics to improve your conversion rates and increase your ecommerce sales monthly.

Only growth

Only Growth

Whether you’re a startup or an established brand, your business is likely brimming with untapped potential. Only Growth helps turn that potential into measurable ROI, helping you convert more customers at a much faster rate.


ECommerce Partners

Consistently at the forefront of web-based business initiatives, ECommerce Partners offers a one-stop-shop for all your online business needs. Their services range from the initial status analysis of each client’s particular requirements, to the development of a custom-tailored digital strategy, to its efficient implementation across multiple channels.



Voidray solves problems. With a mix of magic and tech savviness, they provide solutions for clients both big & small.