White River Achieves 200% Online Sales Growth with Findify

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You can have the best products but if you don’t have a way for people to find them quickly, it’s all for nothing.

Richard Enriquez, Director of Marketing & Ecommerce at White River

Apparel & Home Goods


Personalized Search, Smart Collections & Recommendations


White River is a niche leader, managing 3 websites with over 5,000 products and thousands of daily visitors to support.

Establishing itself as the “One Source” for classic architectural millwork solutions and woodcarvings for remodeling projects, new construction and restoration projects.


In order to maintain White River’s position as a design leader and visionary, they must continue to excel at what brought them such steady success: listening to its customers.

Richard knew that it needed to be as easy as possible for shoppers to find,and buy, what they were looking for. The #1 priority became finding a solution that could handle the company’s 5000 products seamlessly and enable SKU customizations, which nobody did.


Being able to keep up with market demands became much easier with the Findify platform in place. After implementing Findify, launching new products was no longer a source of frustration, but a ‘breath of fresh air’.

Richard & White River now have a swift search solution that can be tied into promotions & sales objectives. Launching new products was no longer a source of frustration.


Peace of Mind

Through a sound investment in solid support, Findify has helped ease the burdens & bloated budgets that come with custom development and has enabled the team to concentrate on making the right decisions for their customers.


Increase in Sales

Sales steadily doubled from 10% to more than 20% before the end of the year following integration with Findify.


Customer Satisfaction

The team at White River can now focus their attention on building client value thanks to simplified processes such as the ability to get new & trending products front and center.

We have doubled our conversion rate and seen a significant revenue increase. Johnells.se was also named the fastest ecommerce site in Sweden. You can’t argue with those results.

When items are sorted only by popularity, the full inventory was not utilized correctly and sales were lost. When sorted on recency, popular items were not visible, and even more sales were lost.

The integration experience was super smooth. The Findify team was very accommodating and always quick to reply. Also, using only one service to provide search, recommendations, and personalization significantly decreased the scope of our migration project. It’s our belief that feeding all this data into one single platform allows them to provide us with better results.

Jonas Thorstensson

CTO of Johnells







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