Come work with us!

We are an international startup, based out of Europe (Stockholm, Paris, Frankfurt, Russia and Poland). We work following the agile methodology, which means we deliver fast, continuously iterate, and encourage rapid response to change. We place a lot of importance on team dynamics and have a very transparent organization bound by openness, accountability and trust. We are a team of ambitious people who are passionate about our domains; we work hard, ship product and have fun while doing it.

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What we’re building

The tools, services and features we offer are a complex system of continuously-adapting parts that we strive to deliver in a complete package. Our ongoing mission is to understand our customers (online merchants) and their customers (online shoppers) so we can optimize the way they use our products. We iterate with real customers and generate design solutions based on feedback, testing and data. The result: well-purposed, user-centric solutions that make online shopping and retail seamless and simple.

Who we’re currently looking for:

We don’t currently have any open positions