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Findify helps online shops unlock the power of AI to grow their business. Our advanced Machine Learning engine ensures that shoppers find what they are looking for, helping stores deliver a better shopping experience. These smart personalization capabilities were until now only available to e-commerce giants like Amazon – we take pride in making them accessible to small businesses with large ambitions.

We were founded in Stockholm in 2014 by a multinational team of four co-founders. We have since evolved and now operate from a main office in Stockholm as well as multiple remote locations around the globe – including San-Diego, Berlin and Moscow. Our strong values and sense of community have been the key to our success – we now serve over 1500 stores in more than 50 countries. We have ambitious plans for the coming year: we plan to triple our business and double our organization. We’d love for you to join us on this journey.

Findify’s four founders Thibaut, Jaclyne, Thomas & Meni

The Findify Culture

We are a team of passionate individuals working together for the same goal – to build the next generation of personalization AI in e-commerce. Even though we’re not a start-up anymore, it’s really important to us to preserve that part of our culture – the part where everyone’s contribution makes an impact on the final result, where we are all accountable and where we work creatively and collaboratively to solve whatever problem comes up. Most importantly, as we grow, it’s important us to maintain our high levels of energy, passion and drive.