Our philosophy

We believe on-site search should align better with human behavior and thought processes; intelligent and personal, recognizing the intricacies of how different people formulate different search queries. It’s our mission to give online shoppers the frictionless, fun experience that shopping online should be; finding only relevant and accurate products that match their desires and exceed their expectations.

Our drive

Despite the e-commerce market being huge and growing year over year, e-commerce conversion rates remain sluggish. Our team believes that one of the primary reasons that conversion rates are not increasing at a similar rate to overall e-commerce growth, is the current state of on-site search. The simple truth is that in many cases, people simply can’t find what they’re looking to buy. Recognizing the need to overhaul e-commerce search & navigation we created Findify to turn online shopping discovery into a frictionless experience.

Our people

Jaclyne Clarke

Design & UX

Meni Morim


Roman Grebennikov

Data Science & Analytics

Seva Goloviznin


Thibaut Patel

Machine Learning

Thomas Fattal

Architecture & Big Data

Join our team!

We are working hard every day to create a world class team of people and an environment where we can create industry leading work. Our passionate, close-knit family always strives to push the boundaries of what’s possible and predict the future of technology. If that sounds like something you want to be a part of, we can’t wait to hear from you. Get in touch at yourfriends (at) findify.io