Turning search into sales.

Findify search tools are built to increase your sales & delight your customers. Since customers who use search are 3x more likely to make a purchase, search quality is of the utmost importance.

Accurate search results that improve based on trends

Autocomplete overlay that adapts to trends on your site

Filtering to help customers fine-tune their results

Breadcrumb navigation to keep track of selections


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Turning recommendations into revenue.

Findify recommendations are generated based on your customer behavior, displaying the most relevant & accurate products at every given time.

Customers who viewed this product ultimately bought this product

Top trending products in your store

Top trending products in a specific category

Customers who viewed this product also viewed this product

…and more!

Increasing your total revenue

By helping your customers find what they are looking for, our superior search algorithm has been proven to increase revenue from between 10-30%.

Super simple integration & developer friendly REST API

Integrating Findify Search tools, whether through our API, pasting our JS snippet into your page or using a module from one of our partner platforms, is fast and painless.

Bringing the power of machine learning to your customers. 

With Findify’s unique learning algorithms, your search results are continuously improving based on what’s trending in your store so products that are most likely to make a sale are pushed to the top automatically.

Uniquely developed machine learning algorithms

Continuously adapting & improving your search results

Based on millions of data points from your customer behavior


Mobile & desktop optimized to cater to the increasingly mobile shopping trends

With mobile shopping trends on the rise, we understand the value of optimizing your search for small screens. Findify Search is optimized for the on-the-go shopper so they can find what they're looking for, no matter how small the screen.

Supporting multiple languages, out-of-the-box

We currently have our search interface translated into 10 languages including English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Hebrew. We're constantly expanding, so please get in touch if your store requires a language not in this list.


Knowing more is growing more.

In your Merchant Dashboard you’ll find insightful analytics & effective tools that help you take control of your search.

Analytics to give you a deep understanding of your search behavior

Merchandising tools that let you pin products in a certain order

Customize the look & feel of your search results to match your site seamlessly

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