Actionable analytics & merchandising tools

Use Findify analytics to monitor the evolution of your customers’ search behavior to anticipate their needs and intentions. Check out some of the reports & tools below!

Analytics to give you a deep understanding of your search behavior

Merchandising tools that let you pin products in a certain order

Customize the look & feel of your search results to match your site seamlessly

And more!

Search analytics

In order to have a deep understanding of how customers are interacting with your store, you need a lot of data and over time. Your search analytics help you visualize trends and patterns, with which you can adapt and optimize your offering for your customers.

Search query reports

Your search query reports allow you to keep an overview of what your customers are searching for, giving you an understanding of demand & trends. For example, you can see what products your customers are searching for and not finding any results, which means you’ll know what kinds of new products you could start to carry.

Product pinning

Control your search results to support your promotions & marketing campaigns, in order to maximize your profits. This tool lets you promote products by “pinning” them on the top of your search results. It also allows you to add custom search results.

Synonym control

Your synonym control tool lets you customize your search to return results for product X, even if query Y was submitted in the search box. So if your customer searches for “cell phone”, they will find products even if they are labelled as “mobile phone” in your product database. This features ensures your customers find relevant products no matter what terminology or jargon they use.

Style & branding customizations

We know how important it is for the apps & tools you use in your store to integrate seamlessly with your brand. That’s we’re developing a tool for you to do custom configurations for your store. Whether you want to customize your colors and fonts, add custom filters that are unique to the products in your store, choose whether to display “out of stock” products or hide them, the configurations are endless.

“No vanity metrics, just actionable analytics!”

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